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To be a pioneering force in the energy landscape, driving sustainable growth and innovation. We envision a future where our integrated approach, harnessing the power of traditional and renewable resources, leads the way to a cleaner and more resilient world.


At United Terra Enterprises Group, our mission is to responsibly develop and manage oil and gas assets whilst embracing the potential of solar energy to diversify our portfolio. Committed to sustainability, we aim to become a key player in renewable technologies and hydrogen production, catalysing the transition to a carbon-neutral future. Our dedication to excellence, safety, environmental stewardship and social responsibility fuels our journey towards a public listing, through which we can share our success with our stakeholders and continue to shape the energy landscape for generations to come.

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United Terra Enterprises is dedicated to providing sustainable and pioneering solutions within the energy sector. Through our three distinct segments – Oil & Gas, Wind & Solar, and Hydrogen – we are steadfast in our mission to foster a more environmentally conscious and prosperous future for future generations. Currently our focus is on the oil and gas sector. Various projects in the renewable energy sector are currently under evaluation in order to develop a balanced energy portfolio within the next three years.
United Terra Enterprises in Lichtenstein


Our head office is located in Ruggell, Liechtenstein – one of the preferred investment
destinations among European countries.

Rated AAA due to its economic stability, boasts one of the most steadfast economies in Europe. The combination of liberal corporate laws, an attractive taxation system, modern infrastructure, and a robust investment climate renders the Principality of Liechtenstein an ideal destination for United Terra Enterprises to establish its presence.